Solarisbank launches Blockchain Factory to connect the worlds of banking and blockchain

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July 9, 2018 by
Solarisbank launches Blockchain Factory to connect the worlds of banking and blockchain

Solarisbank, a Berlin based fintech firm that provides Banking-as-a-Platform solutions has actually broadened its solutions and presented a brand-new banking solution strategy known as the ‘solarisBank Blockchain Factory’. solaris Blockchain Factory will certainly assist to build a technological as well as regulative bridge that will directly or indirectly link the globes of financial and also blockchain.

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The new offering will certainly posture the complete German banking permit owner, solarisBank as a specialist infrastructure partner of selection for cryptocurrency and also blockchain business.

” For greater than two years, solarisBank has actually made contextual financial possible– modern financial solutions are incorporated through interfaces (APIs) in the existing variety of services for companies and also offered to customers whenever and also any place they are required. Solutions provided by the ‘solarisBank Blockchain Factory’ in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency are the next critical step”, stated Roland Folz, Chief Executive Officer of solarisBank. “There is high demand from the blockchain globe for a certified partner that develops the technological as well as regulative bridge to conventional banking – as a technology business with a financial permit we are the all-natural partner.”

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To ease out the tradings in fiat currencies, services will be made easily accessible for the worldwide cryptocurrency market. In order to cater its solutions to worldwide traders, solarisBank is striking a partnership with vPE Financial institution. Added services for electronic banking as well as debit cards for blockchain business are currently being integrated by various other business consumers. Cryptocurrency wallets and checking account could therefore, be merged in a unified solution offering. Peter Grosskopf, CTO of solarisBank commented: “The fiat world is not about to liquify. We are relocating to a hybrid future, where the blockchain world still has to show itself. However, we see the turbulent power of these company models as well as we want to assist shape the future of this industry.”

“It has constantly been the duty of banks to guard client assets in a trustworthy way. Also in an age of decentralisation driven by blockchain modern technology, financial institutions still need to handle this role. We give the framework which attaches typical banking with modern-day, digital services,” he included.

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